Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Baby Boy! (somewhere in Germany)

Named Richard Alfred Something and born somewhere in Germany in March 2010, there's a lucky little guy. His mother's cousin commissioned me to create a wall quilt for him. Such a nice gesture!

I don't look for commissions. But, it's so flattering to be asked that I seldom turn them down. (Okay, I'm easily flattered and I also like shiny things...that's how shallow I am.) Cousin A lives in CT. Cousin B lives in Germany. They share a family homestead and many happy childhood memories of Washington State.

Cousin A and I sat down and I took notes about what she hoped I could work into a quilt...she sort of free associated and I wrote: apple orchard, whale watching, salmon, a farm and Mt. Rainier in the background. After a rough sketch she approved the project, concluding that I had all the time I wanted. She thought a baby gift, like a wedding gift, had time to be delivered and, after all the baby was only a couple of months old.

I was delighted that I had the time to ponder and play. Today I have finished the hand appliqued apples and am affixing the hanging sleeve. I'm crossing my fingers that Cousin A's vision and mine coincide or at least have enough points in common that she will be happy with the outcome.

That's actually just to the point on why I don't seek commissions. I really prefer satisfying my own vision. Having another person in the picture just complicates things. IMHO

Oh, I SO hope she likes it!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Baby Season

Two baby quilts in a week! I think our extended family must be experiencing a mini baby boom. My nephew's wife is expecting their second child soon. I thought I should get the quilt completed before our summer calendar gets in action.

I will wait for the birth so the label will be accurate. We know big brother Hayden's sibling is a boy to be named Evan. At least that's the plan. Being an old experienced person, I like to wait. Then I'll have a birth date, weight and if the name Evan made it to the finish line.

Some of you will know what I mean. Heck, a couple of my own children's names were changed several times before they made their appearance. And, the last one didn't get named until Los Angeles County insisted. His father was in route from Viet Nam and didn't agree with my choice. Being a really good girl in those days, I waited for his return so we could decide together.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

#6: Our Last Grandchild (we've heard this song before)

About 5 years ago "someone" told her Dad (and I quote) "I hate to say I don't know how this happened!" Yup, just when they had bought their 'forever' house, both parents were well employed, there was light at the end of the day-care tunnel, Little Mister Christopher made his mark, changing everything. What was the perfect house for four now became cramped (did I ever tell you about the two dogs, three cats, hamster, aquarium and hermit crabs?).

Fast forward, Christopher has begun pre-school, big sister is ready for middle school, big brother is guessed it!

I hope this hot-off-the-machine baby quilt is gender neutral. I know there is magenta in it but one can't just live in the blue corner of the spectrum. Apparently "we" will discover our November baby's gender next week, but I couldn't wait.

My favorite fabric in this little quilt is the magenta/green piece. It is Aboriginal Australian (ish) with a big ole jabaru (large tropical wading bird). Mr. Christopher's mother was our only child who was able to take a semester off and visit us when we lived in Australia. She loved it (of course) and has promised her husband and children that they will return someday. I'm sure she will like the reference in the very tropical, watery baby quilt. Oh, and they live in Florida so it's not like the quilt won't be in fashion.

So to our #6: WELCOME!