Thursday, July 25, 2013

Changing the dynamic

This is a detail of what I hope will be my contribution to the Windham Textile Museum's invitational exhibit "Then and Now" with a Jan 14, 2014 deadline.  At least that's where I am at the moment.  I asked for input at last night's meeting of Sisters & Friends, my art quilt group's first evening meeting.  They were way too gentle on me...probably biased by the glass of sangria we all began the meeting with ;^)

Sisters in Cloth has been meeting for the past several years every Friday morning.  During the past couple of years, several of our members have begun full time employment and/or added hours to their employment.  This has made us all long for the time we could exchange ideas, chat, inspire or even vent off topic.  In an effort to create another opportunity for meeting, the group decided to trial an evening meeting once a month.  Last night was our first.  A few pics are posted on our blog Sisters in Cloth.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Under "Better late than never"

This past June was a blur.  SO much on the calendar.  I even forgot to toot my own horn!  I'm sharing now a few photos that I snapped of the CT Women Artists Members Juried Exhibition this past June.  It was mounted at The West Hartford Art League Clubhouse Gallery.

The piece of mine that was juried into the exhibit was Miyajima Nocturne, the same piece that was juried into The Whistler House Museum last year.  (it's the third entry from the left in the top photo).

Tooting the in the distance.....

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Local Quilt Star Retires

I first met Judy, like so many of us did, at the first meeting I attended of the Shoreline Quilters Guild in Branford CT.  Her infectious enthusiasm for all things quilty was certainly contagious.  One of her employments was teaching sewing and quilting at the Continuing Ed program in Branford, where she single-handedly recruited hosts of members to the Guild.

Judy and her husband are 'retiring' (in quotes because you know that's not going to happen) to VT to be nearer their family.  There new location will be the big winner here...particularly the quilting community.

Good luck, Judy!
Stars for Judy
More Stars

Seriously Surprised Judy Siccama

Label to remember us by
Yvette Howard's 'Fractured Byways'
Many members of Sisters in Cloth, the art quilt group that I belong to, participated in the farewell quilt for Judy.  She was so supportive of us and, as I said, all things quilty.

Speaking of which, Sisters recently installed our most recent themed exhibit, "On the Road", which was created to hang in the gorgeous atrium of the CT Department of Transportation.  Check it out at our blog,

Monday, July 15, 2013

Fiberactions Reveal Today

It Ain't Over!  Apparently the Fat Lady has not sung her requiem over my Secret Series.

Closet Secrets

Closet Secrets detail
When I posed the challenge to each participants of the Fiberactions online Challenge Group, to look into her clothes closet for inspiration for this next round,  I thought that a color inventory might reveal quite a bit to oneself.

 I had thought that I would leave my series format with my 'zippers as secrets metaphor ' and charge off in another direction.  But actually when I had a look in my closet, I found that there are predictable patterns and colors in my predictable as my favorites in my studio.  Many are the same, but not always.  I don't wear as much red, dark blue or mauves as I use in my work, for instance.  I guess that what I wear is more likely predicted by my own physical coloring (strawberry blond) than what my actual favorite colors are.  

At any rate, staying with the series made sense.  So, now, I'm looking at a series of seven...I had been thinking of this series in terms of grouped even numbers....which obviously means this isn't the end of the series either.  Who knew this project was going to have such 'legs'?

Of course, there's the other interesting layer of meaning to Closet Secrets that I couldn't help but think about.  Fortunately we have liberated, un-closeted friends and family who have left the darkness behind them.  I think it is very sad that anyone has the burden of being closeted.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

This just in

Rose Anne with Thimble Island Abstract
We first met Rose Anne and Dave when they contacted us to host one of our Turkish guests.  They had been hosted by the very same club outside Izmir Turkey last year and had such a wonderful experience they felt moved to return the favor even though they live a fare distance from the sphere of action.  They were great day hosts...and enjoyed part of the state that they rarely, if ever, had visited, like a cruise on the Thimble Islands.

I was surprised and delighted to receive this photo from them yesterday.  They had sought out the SAQA/CT Local Color exhibit at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford, not too distant from their home.  I think they thought it a very interesting coincidence that one of their favs was my Thimble Island Abstract.

Thanks, Rose Anne and Dave.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

They Came. They Saw. They.....

Statue of Nathan Hale
The FFI Turkish Exchange from Urla, Turkey (near Izmir) arrived here on Monday, June 24 and departed Tuesday, July 2.  While visiting we made sure they saw as much of our small state as time allowed.

One of the favorites was a tour of the Legislative Office Building and Captiol in Hartford.  They were welcomed by our State Senator Ed Meyer in the Senate, a real treat.  A couple of days later my brave guest volunteered to return to the LOB to help hang 'Local Color', the SAQA/CT traveling exhibit.

Carol Ludington's, Carol Vinick's and Kate Themel's

'Colt' grouping: Diane Wright, Gail Kotowski, Barb Adams, Linda Zimmerman, Yvette Howard and Robin Wolek

 We also visited the Pequot Museum, had a personal tour of Yale University, cruised Long Island Sound exploring the Thimble Islands, visited the Mark Twain House, had a walking tour of historic Guilford CT along with the Henry Whitfield House (the oldest stone house in New England and the oldest house in CT) and ate our way through potluck dinners, small group dinners and intimate family dinners.  We had a wonderful time...there were more than a few damp eyes on the train platform as we bid our new friends farewell as they departed for a few days in NYC prior to returning to Turkey.

Next year they will reciprocate with a visit with them in their homes in Urla.  I can hardly wait!
Thimble Island Cruise