Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring Snow…grrrrrrr

We are all so tired of winter!  This was the view outside our back garden this morning.  The little tree on the right in this pic is a dogwood….should be blooming soon.  And, I'm pretty sure that our garden's nesting bluebirds, cardinals, robins and chickadees are pretty bummed out too with the snow covering most of their food options.

I look forward to spring…like everyone else…in addition to the usual, I await the warming of my studio.  It is on the lowest level of our home and is unheated.  However, there is a wall of windows that allows wonderful solar heat…often.  But, not today.  Hence, little work will get done as I'm too darn tired of wearing gloves whilst I work (actually my gloves are 'wristies' with fingers exposed so that I can feel what I'm doing…why else do it?  Part of the reason for preferring textiles is the touch)

I'm cold.  I'm tired of being bundled.  I'm leaving to hang another exhibit.  Oh, and we took Double Take down on Friday (stowed it away temporarily…you may be hearing about another venue in the future.  The exhibit that would not die)

Happy Spring.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thank Goodness It Didn't Snow

This has been another long winter.  After a couple of 'balmy' 40-50F days, the temps dipped again with blustery winds and tiny white particles blowing around….but we are NOT calling it snow.  Mostly because I can't bring myself to say the word…that and there will (fingers crossed) not be an accumulation, so we can ignore the white stuff.  Right?

I am taking a break from clearing a bit of my studio.  I am tempted to say cleaning…but I actually know that will not happen.  Oh, I vacuum and clean…but really "cleaning"? Nope not happening.  There is simply too many 'things' and mountains of fabric about.  I organize a bit and then get distracted.  Probably only happens to me.

Today I went through shelves of magazines.  About 25-30 Australian Patchwork magazines, 8-10 New Zealand, from the beginning Quilting Arts and the like.  I have put the Aussie mags aside to offer for sale at our SAQA/CT vending day at our regional meeting on Mar 22.  No idea what they are worth.  Maybe a dollar or two.  I can't just toss them.  I HAVE to find a home for them, otherwise, I'll have to keep them. ;^)

I also 'found' fabric that I'll never use to offer in my collection to sell.  I probably could just randomly pick every fourth piece in my studio, put it in the bin for sale and never miss it. Hmmmm…..

I am also working on my second commission…but when I come to a point that I need to ponder its direction, I try something else constructive to divert my attention.  This week I made another SAQA Conference Spotlight Auction contribution.  No, we are not suppose to send more than one.  HOWEVER, I hated the one I sent off earlier (check it out…I'm sure you'll agree…it's a couple of posts ago titled Forsythia).  I was haunted by it.  Even dreamt about it…not a good sign.  Here's my 'real' contribution.

I am rationalizing the problem with my Spotlight project…the dimensions are just too small…6"x8" to be matted to 4.6"x6.5".  Imagine this matted.  It's little.

Okay.  Enough procrastinating:  Back to clearing a path through the fabric.
It's About Time

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Double Take's Swan Song

Well, we THINK that this is the last venue for Sisters in Cloth traveling exhibit, Double Take.  But, we've said that before and then another opportunity pops up and we are constitutionally unable to say no.

Gail Kotowski found a venue in the Williston Northampton School in Easthampton MA.  Yesterday member Marie Shepherd, Gail and I, along with toter and photographer DH, installed the exhibit at the Grubb Gallery, a very nice, well attended gallery at the school.

Check out Sisters in Cloth blog for five more pics.

The Opening Reception is March 23 2-4pm if you are in the area.

Poster featuring Martha Wolfe's and Ruth Anne Olson's interpretations

Diane, Gail and Marie getting started

Entry facing wall: R-L Zimmerman, Wolfe, Olson, DeNegre, Ludington, Howard

Vivika DeNegre's piece with inspiration photo by Rosemary DeLucco Alpert

Carol Ludington's piece with inspiration photo by Rosemary DeLucco Alpert