Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More dyeing in the yard

Okay, I think I found another artful, beautiful technique that I'm not good at and will be very happy to support those who are: dyeing.

Yesterday I "batched" some linen, silk and cotton in the leftover dyes from last week. I'm from that part of the country that is very thrifty (the west...even though I live in New England now which is purported to be thrifty...I don't think they "own" the virtue.)

The piece that I MIGHT be happy with is the cotton shirt that I decided to dunk into the very last sloshes of dye. There's that thrift again. Heck I might even wear it.
The rest of the pieces include silk sleeves from a long ago disassembled dress (yellow and red) which I am intrigued with...we'll see.

So this kind of dyeing is not my cup of tea. But shibori and dispersing are techniques that I do enjoy and have had some success with...think I'll stick to that.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dyeing in the Yard

My art quilt group Sisters in Cloth planned a dye date for the group this past Friday. Unfortunately it was one of the most hot and humid days of the summer....and we've had more than our fair share this year.

There were only five us who were able to participate. Summers are always a bit tricky to plan for full membership.

Carol Ludington, who had taken a couple of classes with Frieda Anderson, prepared the dyes to facilitate the event and lead the group using Frieda's instructions and formulas. We were all extremely happy with our work. In fact we are planning another dye day for this summer. We can only hope that the weather will be better and more of the sisters can get in on the fun.

This is the team that showed up in my yard. Because we worked in teams, the process went very smoothly and quickly...which was a godsend, saving us from totally melting in the heat.

Pictured: l/r Gail Kotowski, Linda Zimmerman, Carol Ludington and Barb Adams

Monday, July 12, 2010

Finally! Success....sort of

After many days of frustration with uncooperative printed fabric (bleeding), interrupted studio time, breaking all the needles in my felt tool at onset of new project and...the real hardship...working on two projects that are not supposed to be shared until their reveal (or judged) dates. I never before appreciated what the loss of freedom to share and brainstorm might mean.

This weekend I took a class from a friend who is a jewelry maker, primarily using the beach glass that she and her sons collect together. Eileen was very generous in sharing all her "secrets" and everyone was successful in creating a unique piece that she (in this case we were all women) could be proud of. I know I certainly am.

I'll keep this as a model so I will remember all the steps whilst I make more...but this particular piece reminds me of one of my sisters-in-law and should be hers.

I had intended to use the skills that I'd hopefully gain in the class to wrap stones, shells and, perhaps rusted found objects onto my art quilts. I still expect to do that...what I didn't expect was to enjoy the process so much that I'd like to make more. Serendipity, again!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's been a long time

This is the unblocked BACK of my piece that I certainly hope will be completed by July 15 the reveal date for Fabrications. The word to be translated is "memory" and one would think, with as many as I have, that this would be a breeze for me. Not!

I've created what I thought would be's not. Now what? The only choice I feel I have is to take it with me to a mini-meeting of my art quilt group (there doesn't seem to be any rules about that sort of reveal) and see it I can get come constructive criticism. Desperately needed.

The other reason that it's been so long since I've posted is that the other "big" piece I'm working on is also banned from being posted on blog or internet until judged by the committee to which I will present it. I never realized what a hardship it could be to work without wide ranging interaction. It feels very much like working in a vacuum and I've come to enjoy affirmation/criticism from others whom I trust.

BTW The memory quilt will be squared up and blocked before the 15th...and finished. The last bit is a little wishful thinking, but I'll give it a go.