Friday, August 30, 2013

Commission Accomplished!

Walk in the Woods II full

Walk in the Woods II detail
The 'autumnal' commission has been approved.  Sunday DH and I will install both pieces in the stairwell of a very happy man's contemporary seaside home's central stairwell.  My buyer left my studio this afternoon smiling broadly saying that now he had original art, totaling two.  It was a very satisfying feeling to make him so happy with my artwork.

Walk in the Woods I detail
Walk in the Woods I full

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Camp DeeDee

Nothing...absolutely NOTHING happened in my studio today.  However, it was STILL a productive, creative day.

Granddaughter Claire and I picked raspberries yesterday.  I picked the most only because she will only pick 'perfect' berries.  Period.  AND she doesn't want them mixed with others :^)

The brass topped jars are "Awesome Claire's Perfect Raspberry Jam".  The others are a blend, "DeeDee and Claire's Wonderful Raspberry Jam".

Whilst we had the canning tub processing jars, we decided to make "Roasted Farm Tomato and Roasted Farm Garlic Pasta Sauce".  This used all of our tomatoes from our most recent CSA harvest, but I'm sure next week will bring more.

This week (only three days but it seems so-o-o-o-o much longer and I feel so-o-o much older) was our CT family's Camp DeeDee.  Those days just after camps and vacations...just prior to the start of school when the resident 'little people' have to prep for school....and be educated/inspired/engaged by the resident Grandparents.  Thankfully school starts tomorrow.  I need a nap.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Viewpoints9: Naturalistic Intelligence

It's in the DNA....Somewhere
Today is the reveal day for Viewpoints9's last challenge of the complete membership rotation.  It has been an exhilarating ride, to say the least.  Frankly, I've learned so much...having to analyze my process and goals more carefully.  Not my strong suit.  So, naturally, one that must be done.

Check out the entire reveal (Aussie Sue Dennis began at my 3 AM!)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Printing again

It has been ages since I've block printed.  Every time I do I love it...duh...maybe I should print more often.

A local person, who had seen my work at Shoreline Arts Trail a couple of years ago, remembered that he liked my art quilts.  Then he bought a new home and in conversation with mutual friends, my name surfaced :^)

He called and asked if I took commissions...more grins.

After a visit to my studio, he zeroed in on warm autumn colors and a couple of my earlier works specifically.  However, they were not the orientation that he wanted.  He wanted long and narrow for a stairwell.  I decided it would be best if I saw the space myself and after a visit with him...we decided he really needed TWO pieces...grinning again.

He liked the black printed trees in the original work...about 8" in height.

As luck would have it, one of my blocks that I carved years ago was damaged.  Another would have to be carved :^)  This time a taller tree.

What fun!  I've combined it with a smaller carving that I also made years ago.

I really hope he likes it!  He thought I might have them ready in two weeks....oh, maybe...maybe, not.  But that's what I'm working on.
drying block prints

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What Fun!! Fiber Revolution!

Today I got to help my friends Kate Themel and Barb McKie hang a Fiber Revolution exhibit in 919 Gallery, Unity of Greater Hartford in South Windsor.  I love hanging art shows.  I get such a charge!

Years ago while I was representing some communities and a couple of individual Australian Aboriginal artists' work here in the US, I was fortunate enough to have a wonderful mentor.  My mentor was, at that time in the 1990's an art professor, but in his undergraduate days he had been a window display artist for many up-scale, pretty swanky shops in Palm Beach, FL.  He had such an eye and he was articulate with his explanations.

Before that I had been a real estate broker for almost 20 years.  At that point I learned to imagine and 'see' space, floor plans and architects drawings.  Put the two together and you spell L O V E  to  Hang Exhibits.

"Fragmentations" will be displayed until September 22nd.  The Opening Reception is Sunday, August 18 when site-curator Kate Themel will be on hand to talk about the art work.  The installation really flows beautifully.

I took some quick snapshots after we had finished.  Enjoy ;^)

Entry: L-R McKie, Schwartzman, Hansen


Schepps, Friedman
Debbie Bein, Kevan Lunney

Redmond and Vehslage

Plotner and Litchman

Caneill, Chipetine and Lauterborn

Abrams and Trefethen

Themel and Halpin

Aikens and Fowler

Leaving thru the entry McKie and Schwartzman

Monday, August 12, 2013

To Lowell and Back

It really was not a big logical leap to plan to meet old friends for dinner in Lowell when it happened to be the weekend of the Lowell Quilt Festival and the Opening Reception at the Brush Gallery's 'Tangled in Blue' exhibit.  DH and I drove to Lowell early enough to check into our hotel, see the quilt festival (purchase a few necessaries), get to the Brush's always wonderful Opening, AND meet our friends at our favorite restaurant!

DH took pics whilst I meandered, looking at beautiful work and bumping into friends.  I hope you enjoy some of his photos.  
3 Cohesive Pieces: Brenda J. Jones

3 Cohesive Pieces:  Lee Sproull

3 Cohesive Pieces:  Sharon Monahan top. mine bottom

Lowell Quilt Festival:  Alice Means

Lowell Quilt Festival:  Alison Dea Bolt
Lowell Quilt Festival: Beatriz Grayson

Tangled Up in Blue @ Brush Gallery: Carol Vinick&mine

Tangled Up in Blue @ Brush Gallery: Gwyned Trefethen

Tangled Up in Blue @ Brush Gallery: one of Judy Ross'

Tangled Up in Blue @ Brush Gallery:Lisa Corson

Tangled Up in Blue @ Brush Gallery: Sandy Gregg

Monday, August 5, 2013

Viewpoints9 Post

Today is my turn to post about our upcoming challenge, Naturalistic Intelligence.  Check it out and find out how 'Gibbs' relates...or doesn't ;^)