Saturday, July 9, 2016

Exciting News!

Sentinelles: Memories
This piece, which incorporates two linocuts by Australian artist Dijanne Cevaal that I heavily stitched, has been selected for the Whistler House Museum's exhibit Lasting Impressions: Art Quilts 2016!!!

Lasting Impressions' call for entry's description:  All artists seek to make an impression on the viewer with their words of art.  Sometime, they make literal impressions in the work using stamps, dye, stitching, or other techniques.  We welcome your submissions of quilted work that make a "lasting impression", whether it be literal or figurative.  Quilts must contain at least 50% handmade fabrics.

Exhibit Dates: Aug 17-Sept 24

I can't make the reception on Aug 13 as I will be in N CA, but I return on the 15th and will beat feet up to Lowell.  Can't wait!