Monday, January 27, 2014

Doran Doran!

And I'm not talking about a Second British Invasion of Rock and Roll!  That's Duran Duran, silly.  Rather I'm referring to another, much more IT savvy Diane.  Diane Rusin Doran.

I have just finished watching her newest DVD from beginning to end.  I have my head FULL!  There is SO much information here, you will want to play your copy over and over to digest it all.

I 'made' my in-house IT guy (better know as DH David) watch this with me today.  I figured that I'm so non-techy that I would have to have him there to interpret.  But, no, I did get it….it's just that there is an incredible amount of information to get.

My personal favorites expanded on drip dyeing and screen  printing. Doran's way (digital) is superior to mine (dyes and inks and mess) in that there is nothing for me to be allergic to…and there is no ink dribbled all over my studio and no dye in strange places, hence no mess to clean.

Granted I'm going to have to watch it completely at least one more time and still will probably have to refer to it.  So, I'd suggest buying a copy instead of borrowing one from a friend….you really will want to refer to it.

I want to try drip dyeing!  You can't believe what you can do.  I am imagining using some of my colorful photographs from our trip West this last spring full of colors that make my heart sing…and I will know, deep inside, that there is another layer of meaning embedded in my printed fabric.

So:  A shout out to Vivika Denegre who knew I would connect with Diane Rusin Doran's DVD!

These comments from DH:  He would recommend that you watch it with your computer and try to play along with what Doran is doing (Next on my agenda).  And, some familiarity with Photoshop Elements is very helpful, particularly with layers.