By Moonlight 21w x 40h  $295

Impressions of Spring 33w x 44h  $425

Sentinelles III and IV  29w x 26h  $375

Where Have All the Cattails Gone?  36w x 19h  $375

Winter Winds  15w x 40h  $200
Tree Study I  6w x 9h (Framed 13w x 16h)  $125

Cosmos 18w x 27 h  $295

Let the Sun Shine In 17w x 21h  $135

International Modern 18w x 32h

A Walk in the Woods  14w x 36h  $395

Unravelled and Frayed  18w x 18h  $100

It's Impolite to Say No  27w x 27h $125

One Small Step  18w x 18h  $95

Playing with Scraps  18w x 26h  $225

Sentinelle V Earth Stories  24w x 36h  $325

Green!  16w x 15h  $35

Sunflower Abstract 19w x 22h  $95

Sunrise Sunset 18w x 22h  $95

View From Vincent's Window  20w x 20h  $95

Yukata Blues 58w x 53h  $600

A Few Words from Mother Nature 22"x40"  $375
Tree: Study 1 6"x9" in 13"x16" white frame  $125

Hot and Dry  16w x 32h  $195

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