Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Viewpoints9 Reveal

Today is the reveal for Viewpoints9's Challenge 6.  This is my submission for Masks.  Check it out!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

ReCOVERy for Hurricane Sandy Victims

When Luana Rubin of equilter called for quilts for victims of Hurricane Sandy, my quilt group decided to participate.  Previously we had sent quilts to the tsunami victims in Japan through her and felt this call needed to be answered too.

We in turn put the call out to SAQA/CT to join us, which was an inspired idea.  They answered loud and clear!  Here I am, meeting the FEDEX person, with six big boxes and one smaller one packed to send off to Timeless Treasures.

Timeless Treasure Fabrics has volunteered warehouse space in NJ for collection and distribution.  Sisters in Cloth and SAQA/CT (among MANY others) donated quilts/comforters/sheet set.  FEDEX donated the shipping of our 7 boxes, what we are calling 200 pounds of warmth, to NJ!  See what Luana started?!

Kate Themel, SAQA/CT co-rep, has written a most informative and compelling blog post.  Check it out.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Where to begin?!

Yesterday Sisters in Cloth  (more photos there) hosted the regional meeting of SAQA/CT (even more photos) at the Guilford Free Library where our exhibits Indigo and Postage Stamps were installed.  Usually we plan for 25-35 members at our SAQA/CT meetings, but this time we were host to over 50!  It was incredible!

Fortunately Kate and I had little business to conduct.  What there was WAS important:  introduction to the group of our Co-rep replacements, gradually being installed over 2013: (drum roll) Barb Adams and Cathy Smith.  Two talented and conscientious members, who, I know, will be brilliant at their new jobs!

We also briefly updated everyone of our SAQA/CT (hopefully traveling) exhibit Local Color.  We encourage all our members to submit, hopefully multiples, for the jurying process in Jan/Feb.  Please, check the blog for info.

Then the meeting was turned over to SHOW and TELL.  To quote my buddy Diane Cadrain in describing the meeting "it was somewhere at the intersection of overwhelming and inspiring".  Boy, does she have a way with words...describing it perfectly for me.

Because everyone had work to offer, we broke about two-thirds through for lunch...and for a buying opportunity afforded by Carol Eaton with her incredible hand dyed fabrics and Rita Hannafin who brought SAQA catalogues for purchase.

Newish member Barbara Dierolf describes her journey

Newly minted member Lina Lawall

Another new to group Normajean Brevik

Rita Hannafin with a daughter's off-to-campus quilt

Toni Torres' Moon Mermaid
The lunch itself was a big hit too:  "Soup's on for SAQA" featured various soups (duh) made by several Sisters, delicious stuffed breads from a local restaurant and finger desserts from other members.  The, rainy and drear...was a perfect soup day.  Fortunately, the members made double batches out of habit...and there was enough to go around.  Thankfully.

All in all:  a day of superlatives.  I can just hardly wait until the next meeting!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Exhibit is Up

Several years ago Sisters in Cloth had the bright idea of making self portraits and using them...perhaps as a banner,  when we exhibited our work.  This year we rounded up twelve...some where the block letters that we had made to identify us have gone missing into someone's studio file.  Undaunted we found a space in the collection of this year's exhibit, "Indigo" and "Postage Stamp Inspirations", to pin up the grouping.

Our directions originally had each individual's hands reaching out, so when mounted the group would look like we were holding hands...connected in a way.  You can see that the idea mostly was utilized.  The one that clearly wasn't has a better story:  The person whose back is to the viewer has her hands up in a greeting salute to the mountain of her girlhood home in Switzerland.

My husband photographed this current exhibit, as he usually does, and played the 'can I identify the Sister' game.  He stumbled at mine.  He eventually deduced it was mine...however...he thinks I don't usually look so maniacal (his word!)

I will post photos of the exhibit in the next couple of days.  There should be a post being put up on the group's own blog soon too.  AND after we host "Soup's on for SAQA", SAQA/CT's regional meeting that we are hosting on Saturday, you will see even more.  So...again...stay tuned.

Guess who

Twelve Sisters