Sunday, April 21, 2013

Canyon de Chelly: Just photos

Canyon artist with piece I bought as a remembrance

Canyon with fields, orchards in base still home to traditional Navajos

Cliff dwelling from Anasazi Indians

Friday, April 19, 2013

On the Road: Two Days at Vermilion Cliffs

The weather improved as we drove to slightly lower elevations east of Zion.  Except for the unrelenting winds!  

We spent two days in Vermilion Cliffs...just two miles from Marble Canyon.  I think there are probably 100 residents, combined.  Marble Canyon has a Post Office though.

We were lucky in that when I rang to make reservations (the only time I made reservations ahead, deciding with a place that small and SO far from anywhere else it might be prudent)...the receptionist advised that there was only one road into the area.  The road from Page AZ had washed out.

Lees Ferry...down the road from Marble Canyon...was a ferry service across the Colorado River, first established by three Mormon families around 1870.  Most of their homesteads, orchards and some equipment is still there.

Despite the unforgiving wind we hiked and explored this gorgeous (think I'm overusing this word on this trip) landscape...lots of photos to share.

One photo that didn't get taken.  Soaring over the Colorado we saw a California Condor!!!!  But I couldn't get my camera to focus before he/she was just a speck.  Vermilion Cliffs is also one of the spots that they have been released and they return here in the spring.  There is also a local non-profit trying to get hunters to use non-lead bullets in this area.  Apparently lead poisoning from the food that the giant birds scavenge is one of their biggest threats.

Colorado River just below Lees starting point for rafting

Our room at the Lees Ferry Lodge in Vermilion Cliffs

Thursday, April 18, 2013

On the Road: Zion National Park

Our day and night in Zion was wonderful.  It is a beautiful place...even the little we were able to see.

 The elevation is 4000' at the floor and as soon as we set out we encountered limited visibility.At over 6000 feet we were in the weather.  Our luck.  The weather was SNOW. 
Lighted deer alert

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Barstow to Zion

Monday's photos.  Journey to Santa Fe.

Aerial perspective and road side blooms

Jean Nevada:  Who Knew...looking for QinFan Nevada ;^)

Unloading at Zion hotel:  tomorrow Zion Nat'l Park

Friday, April 12, 2013

Catching up: Ruth Asawa

 Alternatively titled:  What real talent might do with wire.

Ruth Asawa, renowned sculptor, is a California artist, who is nationally recognized for her wire sculpture.  We were thrilled with the installation at the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco on Saturday.  We went to see the "Girl With a Pearl Earring: Dutch Paintings from the Mauritshuis".  Whilst there we also enjoyed "Rembrandt's Century" and "Objects of Belief from the Vatican: Art of Africa, Oceania and the Americas".  It was an incredible day!

David was keen on seeing "The Girl With a Pearl Earring" as it is his all time favorite painting...still is.

I urge you to check out Ruth Asawa's website where you will find much better photographs.  She is an amazing woman.  This was my favorite part of the day.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

SAQA -Norcal Matting Party

Those Pixeladies know how to party...just sayin' ;^)  I tagged along with my buddy Martha Wolfe to a matting party hosted by Deb Cashett and Kris Suzaki.  The group matted and slipped into cellophane envelopes 50+ gorgeous 4"x 6" art quilts donated for the SAQA Conference in Santa Fe April 25-28.  It was quite a pleasure for several reasons.  First, seeing Deb and Kris again was great.  Second, meeting other members of the SAQA-Norcal group, including one of their new co-reps was a great pleasure.  Third, working with the art work up close and personal was a real treat.

Hard at work: Gayle Simpson and Martha Wolfe, standing.  Noelle Olson, Dee Danley-Brown,  Kris and Jenny Lyon

Feasting:  Gayle, Deb, Noelle, Dee, Chris, Jenny and Martha

And, fourth, Deb and Kris supplied a very yummy and colorful lunch.  Convivial company, lovely weather, gorgeous art work AND food!?   It doesn't get better than that.

I know where I will be Friday night, April 26 7-9pm, cash in hand:  at the Santa Fe Spotlight and Dessert Reception Silent Auction.  Art and food?  Are we seeing a pattern here?

So, if you are going to be in Santa Fe, plan on bidding!  You will be in for a treat.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Albany Bulb

The 'Bulb' is a peninsula owned by the town of Albany, adjacent to Berkeley CA.  It has been created over the decades with debris from's filled with concrete and rebar and wild flowers, invasive 'weeds' blooming, interesting rusted bits and volunteer flowers from goodness knows where. Martha Wolfe took us for a visit yesterday.

Dumping was suspended in 1987 in an effort to save the bay from pollution.  Subsequently it has become a walking trail and dog walk, filled with sculptures and urban art.

 Here's, in part, what wikipedia has to say about the Sculptures.

 Sculptor and activist lawyer Osha Neumann has created some of the largest works. He often collaborates with Jason DeAntonis. Sniff, a group of artists composed of Scott Hewitt, Scott Meadows and David Ryan, painted large, highly imaginative "murals" on wood and erected more sculptures on the northwest corner of The Bulb. Another Bulb landmark, referred to as "The Castle," is a large concrete, rebar and plaster shelter which sits on the south west corner of the Bulb, directly opposite the Golden Gate Bridge. The Bulb has been used for informal concerts and even a production of Shakespeare's The Tempest presented by We Players, a Bay Area site-specific theatre company.

You might be interested in what else the wiki has to say  The weather was seasonal: cool (we wore several layers) and very windy (several kite and wind surfers).  AND, a lively, friendly shanty town of homeless.  
Sample of graffiti

Martha Wolfe photographing The Castle

Fog rolling into Berkeley in background