Monday, February 27, 2012

Early Bird...literally

SAQA's Benefit Auction of 12" Square art quilts is the organization's largest fundraiser and biggest income source after membership dues. For the 2011 auction, 309 artworks were donated and it raised $52,925.

 In 2012, a special group of "early birds" will be sold in the SAQA booth at IQF Houston instead of in the online auction. Warren and Nancy Brakensiek will select the works for the SAQA Houston Auction Exhibition. 

This sounds pretty good to me.  So I have just finished, and submitted "Another Collector".  The background fabrics were created by dyeing over soy-wax resists which were applied using assorted kitchen tools.  The Magpie, also a tool user and gatherer of "stuff", was raw edged appliqued. The whole is machine and hand stitched.

It was easy to enter online.  Tomorrow Maggie goes in the mail.  I think this might be the sixth year I've donated.  It is always a thrill to have one's work purchased for such a good cause...whether or not it's selected for Houston.

Friday, February 24, 2012


I succumbed.  I've made them before...they are not very exciting to make.  HOWEVER, there is excitement.  The excitement comes when the little person receives it.  Big hugs all around.  Definitely worth the effort!

Sisters, Ainsley and Claire, my granddaughters, have been playing soccer for years.  Yep, years, and they are only 12 and 10.
I had enough images to print one for the back of each quilt too.

My daughter was so happy with these little quilts (roughly 4'x5') that she coaxed me into offering to make one for the Silent Auction at the local elementary school's Parent-Teacher Organization's annual fundraiser.  You saw that coming?  I didn't.  So, sometime this spring you will probably "get" to see another proud parent's remembrance of another little person's prowess.  I can hardly wait.  ;^)  Although, I'm pretty sure it will not include hugs.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

California Holiday

Knitted in Napa
We have been enjoying the last week visiting friends in the San Francisco Bay Area, taking day trips from our "home" on Mare Island.

Petaluma Shop


Petaluma Manhole cover
 Yesterday we headed to a "destination" quilt shop in Petaluma.  Nearby was one of the most interesting manhole covers I've seen since visiting Japan.

I "needed" to rub it...that sounds creepy..but you know what I mean.  The shopkeepers did fine a basket of old, on sale, Shiva sticks that I put to good use.

We drove backroads over to Point Reyes.  We are trying to enjoy the natural beauty and to do that one must take to the Blue Highways.  The last photo was taken on Point Reyes.  We did take pics of the fantastic breakers rolling in from Japan, like most visitors do...but we also enjoyed all the Happy California cows.
Happy Point Reyes Cow

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

CT Fiber Arts Collective Newest Installation

The Sum of Everything Challenge
The Rules

The Hanging Crew
Roz Spann (L wearing red, naturally) instigated it all: the venue and the Red Challenge.  She filled brown paper bags with s-t-u-f-f.  As I remember it, Carine Greene (5th in lt blue) came up with the title.  We were to use some of everything in this brown bag..we could add (more red) if needed.

The Red collection is hung in the entry of the Southbury Library's gallery....leading to the Red/Read collection:  Work relating to "red" OR a literary reference.  It is a very diverse, yet cohesive exhibit.

The CT Fiber Arts Collective hanging crew (L to R) Roz, Mary Lachman, Karen Loprete, Toni Torres, Carine Greene, Barbara Khachane, Cher Hurney, me.  Diane Cadrain is sitting center.  Also in the exhibit but unable to attend the installing are Carol Eaton and Carol Vinick.

The exhibit will be up through February.  If you get a chance:  Southbury Public Library, 100 Poverty Road, Southbury, CT.