Sunday, November 9, 2014

Back from Turkey. Back from Houston. Back to Work.

Our tour and home-hosting in Turkey was AMAZING!!  We took hundreds (thousands?) of photos.  And, we renewed our friendships and made new ones during our cultural exchange in Izmir.  I can't tell you how warm and welcoming our stay was.  Such hospitality!  Oh, and the food!!
Within two days of our return, I was off to the Houston Quilt Fest with four of our Sisters in Cloth group (we met up with another Sister member Carol Ludington, who had work juried into a special exhibit)

My participation in the SAQA Benefit Auction bookended my trips.  Before I left I won Lorraine Dena Kpo's "Against the Odds" in the online auction.  Later while I was in Houston I saw Norma Schlager's "SW#4, Greening Up" displayed there and 
was demanding that I take it home.  I could do no less.  How lucky am I, anyway!?!
Norma Schalger's "SW#4 Greening Up"

Larraine Dena Kpo's "Against the Odds"

And that brings my collection to eleven.  L-R: Row 1: Cathy Smith, Cathy Smith, Holly Altman,
Row 2: Vivien Zepf, Cathy Smith, Sandy Gregg, Row 3: Debbie Bein, Lutgard Gerber-Billiau and Ali George, Row 4: Norma Schalger and Larraine Dena Kpo.

Hmmm....I really NEED one more ;^)