Sunday, December 29, 2013

Xiao Blue and Haru: The end of 2013

Haru and Xiao Blue

The last piece I completed in 2013.

We are a family (2 kids, 2 parents, 2 grandparents) that loves dogs and, at the same time, has various allergies to animals.  The solution for us was 'designer dogs'.  We first adopted Xiao Blue, an Australian Shepherd and Standard Poodle mix.  At the time of our search my daughter asked her then 3 year old daughter what kind of dog she wanted.  Reply:  BLUE.  So mom searched for blue merl and found our first dog, bred on a Mennonite farm near Hamilton, Ontario Canada.  When he returned to his new home, he was named Xiao (little in was the daughter) Blue.

Years pass and some one...still don't know how it was decided...drove back to the Mennonite farm for a dog companion for Mr. Blue.  His sister Haru (Japanese for spring when she was born) shares the same Poodle father.  Haru's mother is a Golden Retriever.  The two dogs could not be more different.

Mr Blue is incredibly smart.  Understands 100's of words...even in conversation.  While Ms. Haru is a delightful DOG.  Wacky and wonderful.  

This year I decided to gift the parents and kids with the dogs' portrait for Christmas.  The background is a piece of blue fabric that is aptly printed with very faint Chinese characters.

I matted and framed the piece and it now hangs in the family office/study.

Ms. Haru

Mr. Blue

Friday, December 27, 2013

Viewpoints9-2 Reveals Today

Today is the second reveal of the new iteration for Viewpoints9.  The challenge posed by Kate Themel was to imagine a risk that you would take if there were no complications.  Would you skydive?  Free dive?  Dog-sled to the North Pole?  Caving, anyone?

My risk would be much more mundane.  Check out the Reveal.  Viewpoints 9-2
Mr Socks 9"x18"

Mr. Socks detail

One of his toys
If you want to know more about my worry about this Challenge check out my earlier response

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Too busy to blog !?

Yes, Oh my!  Aside from helping to mount Local Color at the Slater Museum (last post), I also helped install "Inspired by the Library:  Food for Thought" at the Guilford Library where Sisters in Cloth is invited annually to exhibit.  Then there are the preparations surrounding Sisters' traveling exhibit Double Take at its next venue, The Kershner Gallery at the Fairfield Library the first part of Jan.  

(Don't let the 'library' destination fool you.  The Kershner is a dedicated gallery space run by local artists…very nice location!)  There is a very nice bit of publicity provided by the Kershner in their local newspaper.

Southern Stars
Then there's the time I've been able to spend on my personal projects.  First, I bought myself a Christmas present!  I purchased this gorgeous piece "Southern Stars" by Australian artist Dijanne Cevaal.  It is in good company with my earlier purchase of "Eucalyptus Leaves".  I bought this piece when we visited with her in Geelong, Vic AU a couple of years ago.

Eucalyptus Leaves

Spring Time for Crow
On top of this I have actually had some productive time in my studio…surprise..being this time of year.  Pictured here is "Spring Time for Crow", my contribution to SAQA's 2014 Anniversary Trunk Show:  'This is a Quilt".  I cut a lino-block and printed the crow on commercial cotton, then stitched it to death.

I do like corvids…especially the American Crow and the Australian Magpie.  They are social creatures and very clever problem solvers.  Now, if only the Crow had a melodious carol like the Maggie.

I have also completed my Viewpoints9-2 challenge about taking risks (Yeah!)  I was worried, I can tell you.  But that is a subject that will have to wait until Dec. 27, the official reveal day.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Another Opening...another Show

Just in case you weren't around, we installed our SAQA/CT regional traveling exhibit Local Color exhibit at the Slater Museum in Norwich CT.

Exhibit Dates:  Thru Jan 14, 2014

Opening Reception: Dec 8, 2-4pm

It is a gorgeous venue, as you will see.  And requires a dedicated team for installation.  Thanks to Director Vivian Zoe and her volunteer Barry, along with the Local Color team:  Barb McKie, Kate Themel, Barb Adams, Rita Hannifan, Cathy Smith,  Norma Schlager and moi...oh, and our photographer David Wright.

This was two weeks ago.  Then there was my Open Studios Weekend (see last blog post).  Now this weekend we installed ANOTHER exhibit.  This time for Sisters in Cloth.  Check those out here.

Slater Photos: