Friday, June 26, 2009

Sisters in Cloth dye workshop

Today we met at the Guilford Art Center for half a day of dyeing (Rit and a microwave) and a little resist (candle). It was my chance to share some of the information that I had learned in the workshop I took with Beryl Maddalena (see June 7 post).

I'm thinking that not being the winner of that workshop's collaborative rubbing must have weighed not very deeply in my psyche. Because this is the piece I created today: I had previously rubbed a piece of neutral batik with fabric crayon over the bark of a giant beech in our backyard. I "happened" to have it with me for today's meeting. I took this opportunity to do more rubbings on the cracks in the classroom floor...and as the class was cleaning up I painted it with some of the leftover dyes. I like it;-)

The class was a huge success and the firemen seemed to be okay with the cookies we plied on them to thank them (and assuage our guilt?) for coming so promptly when we set off the fire alarm(that only they can shut off). Apparently one of us mistakenly pushed too many minutes on her fat quarter being "shiboried" in the microwave. We have a pic of the residue that one of the members plans to post. Never a dull moment.

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  1. To anyone who reads this comment: Diane made some pretty nice pieces of fabric today!