Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekend in Lowell MA

Two viewers in front of my Whistler entry, Miyajima Nocturne, and that of Pamela Allen on the right (nice company to be in, no?)

Last year I vowed not to return to the quilt festival...the auditorium is/was dark, not showing the quilts to their advantage; the vendors, likewise, were in the dark and many fewer in number from years past; and the show did not stay open on Saturday past 4pm and not at all on Sunday.  Then, I changed my mind.  Fortunately, I had not vowed to too many people that I couldn't change my mind without a lot of explanation or an eggy face.  This year's festival was better than I'd expected...although the lighting is still poor and most of the other conditions still exist...there were many other venues added to the weekend, any one of which would be worth the trip.

Particularly interesting exhibits around town were:  Material Voices, juried by Sylvia Einstein.  I really liked Sandy Donabed's Twins with their red nail polish...made me smile; the ALL Gallery,where I actually bought a small piece of Linda Dunn's.  I have admired her work for years.  Usually I purchase one of her cards with the intention of sending it to friend or family.  Somehow when those occasions arrive, I find some rationale to keep it and send something else.  I won't have that dilemma and the subsequent guilt to deal with this year...I'll post a pic when I receive it following the end of the exhibit.  The exhibits at the Whistler House Museum and The Brush Gallery did not disappoint.  

Friend Judy Ross with her gorgeous piece

A tired, wet 'me' with my End of Summer at The Brush Gallery (r).  Behind me is Sandy Gregg's beauty(l)

 I have taken a photo from this viewpoint on the bridge outside the auditorium numerous times, but this is the first with a bicycle submerged in the foreground.  The whole is a mess of discarded tires and debris.  A bit of a metaphor for the town.  There are deconstructed architecture...reclaimed mills...wonderful art spaces...many restaurants to recommend...and a cheerfulness and helpfulness in the residents that invites one to return (often).  It feels like the town is on the cusp of something wonderful, if only the economy would recover.

One of several quilts in the new venue Boston Modern Quilt Guild exhibit.  
This quilt tickled me.  All the fabric relates to Edward Gorey one of my favorites.  The Boston Modern Quilt Guild is a new to the weekend addition.  They hosted an exhibit in one of the reclaimed mill's entry spaces.  The place was well lit and the many entries were a breath of fresh air.

 The weekend was a great time for me.  I saw old friends, made new ones, and energized myself.  So no vows that I can't rationalize later.

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