Thursday, December 24, 2015

Where to Begin

I'm sure you all have wondered what happened to me when you hadn't hear from me for so long....Sept, yikes.

I have not been idle.  Oh, contrare!  `

I will upload the few art quilts I have completed since my last post.

Viewpoints9-3 'And Fortune Followed Her'

Commission Celebrating Family and their adopted children


Standing in from of Sandy Donabed's piece at Art As Quilt Exhibit at Fuller Craft Museum.  Forgot to take pic of me in front of my own.

Viewpoints9 Installation in Houston!  Again, no photo of me with my work.  Who knew I was shy?

Shoreline Arts Trail Open Studio...more sales than ever

Annual Sisters in Cloth Exhibit at Guilford Free Library.  This wall "Sentinels" a collaboration with Aussie artist Dijanne Cevaal  The other wall is "inspired by...(famous artist)"  Mine is after Matisse
Ethan's Quilt...oops it's the pic with the color scale card attached

And, a T-shirt quilt I made for my husband's nephew's son who lost his dad to cancer this October.  His nephew Michael was a bigger than life guy with so many friends.  He was a IT designer and wore a Life is Good t-shirt almost everyday.  He had dozens!  He and I were FB I got to see many of those shirts that always brought a smile.

His wife Teri sent me a box full.  This is the result.  Thirteen year old Ethan will have a cuddly, warm remembrance of his dad.

We are fast approaching the end of a really busy year.  I think I'll start 2016 with a holiday ;^)
Going to visit friends in N CAL!!  See you in February when we install our SAQA/CT region's juried, traveling exhibit Local Color: CT Stories.  Oh, yes...did I mention...I'm co-curator with our fabulous Kate Themel.

ps.  Life IS Good.

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