Thursday, November 11, 2010

Creative Force

The Creative Force catalogue is are all of those published by Studio Art Quilters Associates.

It was a real privilege to have been juried into this show, one that includes some of my favorite artists: Pamela Allen from Canada; Elizabeth Barton, Georgia; Eszter Bornemisza, Hungary; Paula Chung, Nevada; Fenella Davies, UK; Ruth deVos, Australia; Valerie Goodwin, Florida; Jude Larzelere, Rhode Island; Barb McKie, CT; Dominie Nash, Maryland; Katie Pasquini Masopust, New Mexico; Pat Pauly, NY; Mirjam Pet-Jacobs, Netherlands; Lura Schwarz Smith, California; Virginia Spiegel, Illinois; and Barbara Watler, Florida. These are just the ones whose work I was familiar with!

There were several others that I got the chance to see for the first time.....up close and personal ;^).... Linda Abrams NY; Genevieve Attinger, France; Roberta Baker, California; Katya Bessmertnaya, MA; Eliza Brewster, PA; Peggy Brown, Indiana; Grace Errea, California; Monique Gilbert, Belgium; Ann Harwell, NC; Patty Hawkins, Colorado; Annie Helmericks-Louder (whom I met there!), Michigan; Jean Herman, Colorado; Leslie Tucker Jenison, TX (also met!); Paula Kovarik, TN (also met!); Pat Kroth, Wisconsin (also met!); Susan Krueger, Ohio; Salli McQuaid, WA; Kathy Nida (also met!), CA; Julia Pfaff, VA; C.J. Pressma, KY; Melody Randol, Colorado; Dianah Sargeant, CA; Averill Stuart-Head, Italy; Catherine Timm, Canada; Karen Tunnell, Georgia; Valentyna Roenka Simpson, CA; and Marianne Williamson, FL whom I also bonded with during the course of the show.

It was an amazing experience!

SO guess what my kids are also getting for Christmas!?


  1. Creative Force 2010 was awesome. Could have had 1 more day added to the Festival schedule to revisit favourite exhibitions & have lunch with you Diane!

  2. And a perfect gift this will be! Congratulations! Well deserved!