Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Old Friends

"I Dreamt of Mary's Quilt" is big, about 74" square and for the last thirteen years has lived in a closet. When I traveled to Florida and North Carolina recently, I packed up several rolls of work for my newly-single son to look through with the aim of making his new house a home. To my surprise...and delight...he chose eight pieces! His home is a virtual (not that kind of virtual) gallery of my work....especially if you factor in the paintings and other art quilts that he has been gifted over the last several years.

This piece actually did begin as a dream. I dreamt of my friend's indigo art quilt that I had seen on exhibit. Of course, it really wasn't anything like this....but every time I see this I think of her and her little Japanese indigo art quilt. I had always imagined that my "Mary" would hang somewhere special, not languish in a closet. So I was overjoyed that my son chose it.


  1. such a pretty quilt! hard to imagine you have things in closets IN ADDITION to all the rolled pieces in your studio.......

  2. Fantastic quilt! This is gorgeous!