Friday, March 20, 2015

Newest Dijanne Cevaal Collaboration

"Lady Jane" (16"x28") started with one of Dijanne Cevaal's original linocuts.  This one from her Medieval Project, inspired by the architectural statuary in Chartres.

I have combined machine and hand stitching.  I always enjoy having some on-going hand stitching project at the ready for those nights that we sit and watch TV.  Therefore, over time much of my work includes both hand and machine stitches.

Lady Jane
This piece's title came from my wonderfully, serendipitously uncovering a piece of border print that was designed by Jane Sassaman some time ago.  Certainly reinforces my natural behavior of collecting (and hoarding?) fabric that appeals to me.  The addition of green French knots in her border print helps relate the image and reinforce the 'leaf' imagery on Lady Jane's lapel (hard to see here that it is foiled in the blues and greens)

Now time to start a new piece for Jon Stewart's last year at bringing me my TV news.


  1. Beautiful, Diane -- I love Jane as well.

    And are we both crying over Jon's departure?? Where, oh where, will I get my news from? We lost Steven Colbert (I cried over that one, too), because, even though he's going on to a new show, it won't be the same. We'll just have to commiserate with each other.

    Keep on stitchin' -- your work is beautiful.


  2. Hi, there! Yes, the only bright spot for my news is John Oliver. Alas, only once a week. BBC is good...though it's hard to hear the world's new without some humor. Thanks for catching up. Diane